Sonic Alchemy is a coalescence of healing energies and frequencies created through sound, vibrations, and intention. Leela Willow facilitates sound healing through the use of entrancing music. She creates a healing space for individuals and groups to experience the raw power of sound. This is done via sound meditation events, live sound healing with yoga classes, personal and private group sessions, and outdoor meditation and yoga events. Sonic Alchemy preforms out of yoga and healing centers in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Producing a soundscape unique to each event, we combine Crystal bowls, throat singing, native american flutes, rattle, shamanic vocals, and many other instrumental tools to craft the perfect sound for the present moment.

Participants in a Sonic Alchemy Experience are invited to move, meditate, do yoga, tai chi, or simply lay down and journey. The only rule is be respectful to everyone’s personal space. It’s suggested to have a mat, pillows, and blankets handy; most people start in movement and end up snuggled into a blanket on the floor.

Words do no justice in describing the Sonic Alchemy Experience. Be here; see, hear, and feel for yourself.